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Lemmy's Bastards
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"", $11, (hed)pe, 50th birtdhay parties, 70s, 8 track, 80s, \m/, ace of spades, acidic jesus, air guitar, aj, alabama, anna nicole, aol, aviators, az, backstage, bastards, beer, big fish pub, biking, cancer, cereal, charles manson, cheese, cher, cigarettes, coco puffs, coheed & cambria, computers, cops, cowboy hats, cuddling, dave mustaine, dermatology and music, devil horns, doom metal, drinking, driving on greenway road, dvds, ebay, eddie, emo, england, everythingenglish.com, fashion, feature reviews, food stamps, fried hair, gary, germany, gila river casino, gin, globe, goz, heart attacks, helicoptors, hollywierd, hollywood, homeless, hugs, iron maiden, jack daniels, jerry springer, jimi hendrix, joints, just for men, kamelot, katatonia, kayla, ketchup packets, kingdom come, kiss, kleptomania, knights, korn, kreator, krematorium, kyuss, leather jackets, lemmy, lemmycore, mailmen, megadeth, men, mesh trucker hats, meshuggah bags, metal, metal signs, metallica, molelifts, moles, motley crue, motorhead, mp3s, mullets, nightstalker, nightstalker laminates, nu-metal, overkill, papa johns pizza, rhinestones, road rules, rock, rocking out, savers, shopping carts, shotglasses, siop, skin, sleveless faded shirts, slushies, smoking, snow skiing, sonic, steve madden shoes, steveo, storm, sugarpie, tattoos, temple of hate, temple of hate laminates, the netherlands, thrift stores, tombstones, touring, trailer parks, tucson, union jack, unit 2, video games, vodka, welfare, when heaven bleeds, white trash, women, wranglers, xtreme show awards