steel_tormentor (steel_tormentor) wrote in lemmycore,

hey watsup. this community seems a bit dead. which is pretty sad because motörhead is one of the greatest rock n' roll bands of all time.

anyway i was supposed to see motörhead when they came through and played in anaheim in september. but as we all know that tour was cancelled due to an injury lemmy sustained at one of the previous shows. does anyone know when motöhead is gonna come back and tour america again? the website said sometime this year, but does anyone have any information about a 2005 tour that is any less vague?

now i'll leave you with a bit of motörhead trivia which i found interesting. according to ian christe's book, Sound of the Beast, motörhead's self titled song is the only rock n roll song to use the word "parallelogram" in the lyrics.
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