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REVIVE [19 Jul 2009|11:59am]

So, Motorhead show on September 9 at Roseland! Openers are The Reverend Horton Heat (who) and Nashville Pussy (BOO!).

Who is going!?

Ace of Spades

hey people! [26 Apr 2006|08:00pm]
[ mood | curious ]

does anyone know the story of this picture?


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[03 Oct 2005|08:43pm]

I am a former member under my old screenname, cultosaurus.

Guys. Let's pump some energy into this music rating community, wearemusicsnobs. If you have diverse music taste and a wide knowledge of many different genres, please join up.

In other news, shows in my future:

-Black Label Society (x 2)


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[17 Mar 2005|10:19am]

my dear friend mich311e told me about this place...

i thought i would share...

nuff said. hee hee.

ps. taken backstage at the Webster Theater in Hartford, CT on Tuesday night. the enormous grin on my face was a result of my boyfriend apologizing to lemmy for my drunken babbling and lemmy responding with... 'it's ok, i like drunk redheads'... ::grin::

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crossposted in mein LJ [13 Mar 2005|04:44am]

[ mood | MOTORHEADACHE!!! ]

Well, here are some pictures from tonight.  The show was beyond awesome, yet I'm too tired to go on about how awesome it was.  Let the pics do the work for me.

Phil Campell owns, BTW.

Corrosion of Conformity, and Motorhead... MOTHAFUCKAS!!!Collapse )

Now... worship me, for I'm awesome.

Ace of Spades

Motor Fucking Head [25 Feb 2005|09:05pm]

anyone going to the show on 3/12?

Because I totally am.

For those who are, let's meet up at Fitzgeralds on 25th & 3rd after the show.

We can drink, and rok out proper.

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[01 Feb 2005|01:11pm]

hey watsup. this community seems a bit dead. which is pretty sad because motörhead is one of the greatest rock n' roll bands of all time.

anyway i was supposed to see motörhead when they came through and played in anaheim in september. but as we all know that tour was cancelled due to an injury lemmy sustained at one of the previous shows. does anyone know when motöhead is gonna come back and tour america again? the website said sometime this year, but does anyone have any information about a 2005 tour that is any less vague?

now i'll leave you with a bit of motörhead trivia which i found interesting. according to ian christe's book, Sound of the Beast, motörhead's self titled song is the only rock n roll song to use the word "parallelogram" in the lyrics.

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[09 Jan 2005|10:14pm]

Does anyone know when Motorhead will post their US showdates for the year?

and btw: I found a picture that showed Motorhead headlining over Ozzy in August 1980 or 1981. Might be '81. It was the tour after they headlined over Saxon and Girlschool.

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OK MOTHERFUCKERS [06 Dec 2004|12:34am]


people, liven things up here....NOW!!!

6 Aces | Ace of Spades

[06 Sep 2004|10:45am]

panzershreck had a good idea, and im gonna expand upon it, if nobody minds.

what is everyones favorite motorhead non-hit song? mine is out of the sun, off of the sacrifice album.

i fact, whats everyones favorite motorhead song and album while were at it. this will show how many people still are active in the community...cause its been dead, which blows horses for quarters.

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Ok Bishes [06 Sep 2004|01:49pm]

Here are tour dates for MOTORHEAD!!! I'm catching the October 6 & 8 shows, because I'm that hardcore (SPEEDFREAK!!!!)

anyhoo, here it is:

Sep 10/04 Hollywood, CA House of Blues
Sep 11/04 San Francisco, CA Warfield
Sep 12/04 Anaheim, CA House of Blues
Sep 14/04 Tempe, AZ Marquee Theatre
Sep 15/04 Las Vegas, NV Hard Rock the Joint
Sep 17/04 Austin, TX The Backroom
Sep 18/04 Houston, TX Meridian
Sep 19/04 Dallas, TX Gypsy Ballroom
Sep 21/04 Chicago, IL House of Blues
Sep 22/04 Madison, WI Luthers Blues Club
Sep 24/04 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue
Sep 25/04 Royal Oak, MI Royal Oak Theatre
Sep 26/04 Columbia, MO Blue Note
Sep 28/04 Cleveland, OH Agora
Sep 29/04 Columbus, OH Al Rosa Villa
Oct 1/04 Worcester, MA Palladium
Oct 2/04 Philadelphia, PA Trocadero
Oct 3/04 Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom
Oct 5/04 Baltimore, MD Thunderdome
Oct 6/04 New York, NY B.B. Kings
Oct 8/04 New York, NY B.B. Kings
Oct 9/04 Hartford, CT Webster Theatre

Nov 4/04 Dublin Ambassador
Nov 5/04 Dublin Ambassador
Nov 6/04 Belfast Ulster Hall
Nov 9/04 Glasgow Barrowlands Click Here for Tickets
Nov 10/04 Liverpool Academy Click Here for Tickets
Nov 11/04 Sheffield Octagon Theatre Click Here for Tickets
Nov 13/04 Newcastle City Hall Click Here for Tickets
Nov 14/04 Manchester Apollo Click Here for Tickets
Nov 15/04 Nottingham Rock City Click Here for Tickets
Nov 17/04 Exeter University Click Here for Tickets
Nov 18/04 Bristol Colston Hall Click Here for Tickets
Nov 19/04 Southampton Guildhall Click Here for Tickets
Nov 21/04 Newport Center Click Here for Tickets
Nov 22/04 Norwich UEA Click Here for Tickets
Nov 23/04 Folkestone Leas Cliffe Hall Click Here for Tickets
Nov 25/04 Birmingham Academy Click Here for Tickets
Nov 26/04 Cambridge Corn Exchange Click Here for Tickets
Nov 27/04 London Hammersmith Apollo Click Here for Tickets
Nov 29/04 Amsterdam Pepsi Stage
Nov 30/04 Hardenberg Podium
Dec 1/04 Osnabruck Halle Gartlage
Dec 3/04 Erfurt Thuringenhalle
Dec 4/04 Magdeburg A.M.O.
Dec 5/04 Wiesbaden, Germany Schlachthof
Dec 7/04 Dusseldorf, Germany Philipshalle
Dec 8/04 Hannover, Germany Capitol
Dec 9/04 Dresden, Germany Schlachthof
Dec 10/04 Stuttgart, Germany Congresscenter
Dec 12/04 Copenhagen, Denmark KB Hallen
Dec 13/04 Malmo, Sweden Baltiska Hallen
Dec 14/04 Oslo, Norway TBC
Dec 16/04 Bergen, Norway Teater Garaget
Dec 18/04 Gothenburg, Sweden Lisebergshallen
Dec 19/04 Stockholm, Sweden Arenan

you have no excuse to not go. Rob someone if you have to.


5 Aces | Ace of Spades

[06 Sep 2004|03:22pm]

I think that snaggletooth is an underrated motorhead song, it's very good! but no one ever talks about it. it's also played in the menu on the boneshaker 25 years dvd.

anyone have that dvd? it's really good. the show in brixton and all.

anyway, the solo in snaggletooth is really good. wurzel and wizzo all the way! so powerful! pete gill is great on the drums, and lemmy shouting. i love it.

im trying to live this community a little...

16 Aces | Ace of Spades

[02 Sep 2004|03:24pm]
my sister's a poser she thinks she is the ultamite motorhead fan, and the only song she knows is ace of spades because it's on tony hawk.

5 Aces | Ace of Spades

[06 Aug 2004|04:16pm]

don't let this community die, please!

let's talk about inferno! did you like it?

i did, it was very impressive. my favourite is 'life's a bitch' and 'killers' and 'smilikg like a killer' is also nice.

keys to the kingdom, very blues.. whorehouse blues is nice but eh, i dunno, it's just nice.

fight is also not too bad.

but motorhead sound REALLY metal on that album.

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Ladies 1 day left [18 Jun 2004|11:16am]

[ mood | sad ]

title or description

15 Aces | Ace of Spades

[15 Jun 2004|10:13am]

if you people don't get this album... we'll be very upset with you.

Lemmy will cry. You won't like it if Lemmy cries.

2 Aces | Ace of Spades

INFERNO IS COMING [14 Jun 2004|10:16pm]

Just a reminder, Motorhead's new album is coming out next tuesday.


6 Aces | Ace of Spades

Motorhead Tribute band [31 May 2004|05:24pm]

Great community here! Lemmy and the boys rule all. I have a Motorhead tribute band called Capricorn and we're doing our first gig in July in Virginia. If anyone is from out this way, hit me up and I'll give you details of the show.



2 Aces | Ace of Spades

motorhead news [17 May 2004|06:39pm]

The Motorhead legend roars on in 2004 with the release of the new studio album 'Inferno' on June 22 on Metal-Is Records, a division of the Sanctuary Records Group. It's the first album of new, skin-peeling material from vocalist/bassist Lemmy, guitarist Philip Campbell and drummer Mikkey Dee since 2002's 'Hammered' and it's the first Motorhead release since last year's critically acclaimed, five-disc, career-spanning box set 'Stone Deaf Forever!'

Guitar legend Steve Vai makes a guest appearance on two tracks.

'Inferno' is an appropriate title for Motorhead's latest skull-grinding, internal-organ-liquefying album. The 12 tracks are: "Terminal Show," "Killers," "In the Name of Tragedy," "Suicide," "Life's a Bitch," "Down on Me," "In the Black," "Fight," "In the Year of the Wolf," "Keys to the Kingdom," "Smiling Like a Killer" and "Whorehouse Blues."

"This album is real musicians playing real music. There were no rules," Lemmy says.

It's not easy for the hard-living, fun-loving rock icon to pick out favorites on 'Inferno.' Every song is special and important.

"Music is very personal. It's just like sex in that way," says Lemmy.

Vai's blazing guitar performances on "Terminal Show" and "Down on Me" were the result of a casual social encounter with Lemmy at the famous Rainbow Bar & Grill in Hollywood.

"I was going in and he was coming out and we ran into each other. I told him we were recording and invited him down to sit in. He took me up on the offer," Lemmy says.

Motorhead has a distinctive musical style -- nobody grinds out a furious rock 'n' roll hybrid of heavy metal and punk like this band. But Lemmy always has a few tricks up his sleeve, and Motorhead albums tend to have a song or two that veer away from their trademark sound. On 'Inferno' the honor belongs to the slinky "Whorehouse Blues," appropriately drenched in bluesy acoustic guitar and harmonica.

"I like to surprise people," says Lemmy.

13 Aces | Ace of Spades

[03 May 2004|12:04pm]



this is life!


lemmy glasses, motorhead england shirt, and a heineken, after a long exam (though i prefer tuborg/carlsberg)

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